Accounting Blueprint is a franchiser of LifeBack systems,
the practice-in-a-box solution. LifeBack is a combination of hardware, software, infrastructure and training.


LifeBack? What's a LifeBack? LifeBack was created to aid in establishing a cutting edge firm or managing, updating and simplifying an existing firm. Using patented accounting-to-blue-to-print technology, you'll start running an efficient and effective accounting firm/practice/department in a few* seconds flat.

*In a few ten/hundred/thousand or hundred thousand


aBOUT Blueprint

Learn how to fit accounting in a box and walk the road to becoming a franchisee, Today. Start discovering, using and selling smart automation and integration. Start With a Blueprint. 

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About Lifeback

Comprehensive, automated training and management systems, combined with the bleeding edge of technology. Start a firm, fix a firm. Save Time, Save Money, Stay Automated.

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